What’s a Machina Corpse?

Excellent question, I’m so glad you asked. Machina Corpse is a comic book publishing venture started by comics professionals Chandra Free (The God Machine, Fraggle Rock, John Carpenter’s Tales For A Halloween Night) and Stephen Emond (Emo Boy, Happyface, Bright Lights, Dark Nights). They seek to raise the spooky aisle of the comic shop from the dead, if they could only find that blasted necronomicon. Necrocomic-con? Anywho.

Who’s This Stephen Emond?

Stephen Emond has created many a comic book and illustrated novel, having spent the past decade in the Young Adult industry writing and drawing acclaimed novels for teens such as Happyface, Winter Town, and Bright Lights, Dark Nights. His first love is comics, and Have Heart marks his return to the medium, and his first foray into horror.

Let’s Hear About Have Heart?

Have Heart has been in development in one form or another since 2008. It’s been a science fiction story, an “Odyssey” homage, and now a ghost story. It’s about hauntings, nightmares, and warped realities. Creator Emond is excited to explore new creative worlds the horror genre opens up and create strong characters, beautiful imagery, and play with convention as much as he can. He’s excited to see what he gets away with and hopes you are, too.

Who Am I?

Don’t you know?

What Does It All Mean? Why Do I Feel This Way?

I see. It happens, but you’ll get used to it, eventually. Try to turn your brain off and just enjoy the comics when you’re here. Bookmark and check back often and the side effects will subside.

How Do I Make The Hurting Stop?

I suppose it couldn’t hurt to check out the Machina Corpse YouTube page. It’s updated thrice weekly with series such as Sketchbook Dissections, where Stephen and Chan explore their old sketchbooks to gleam insight, look at old or abandoned projects and dwell on their artistic growths. Or Let’s Make Comics, where Emond teaches you all about his process for creating comics, both writing and illustrating. There’s even a full episode just on the making of Have Heart. And of course there’s Once Upon A Midnight Gaming, where Chan and Stephen play spooky video games.

I Think I’m Getting It Now. I … I Like It, Here. 

And we like having you hear. Come back as often as you’d like, tell your friends, and if you feel so inclined leave a tip on my Ko-Fi page, or become a monthly patron and get more insight into the comic with extra videos and behind the scenes material, sketchbooks, comic PDF collections, wallpapers and more. Now get on out of here, you scrappy kid, it’s time for bed.