Welcome everyone to HAVE HEART, an online comic I’m glad to finally be writing and drawing after years of thought and development. Part nightmare, part haunted reality, part I’m not sure what you call it. It’s going to be surreal, dark, and it’s going to be fun and most importantly creative. I want to make things we haven’t seen, lasting images. I’ve made it a point to not overplot and leave some of the story open to discover along with you. I’m not sure entirely what direction this all will take, so I’m looking for your reactions, so please leave comments here or follow me on social media and talk to me there. I’m producing this comic online for free, outside of traditional publishing, entirely on my own from my brain to your screen. If you find the content entertaining, I encourage you to support it through Patreon or Ko-Fi and to share it as far as you can. It’s success will greatly depend on you.

If you love horror, coming of age, strong character work and odd storytelling, then you’ll love Have Heart. I’m churning out some of the best work I’ve done and I invite you to stay tuned and check in every week. It only gets better!